Our story

Our beloved Alan lost his battle to melanoma skin cancer in 2018 at just 40, and that is when we founded the Alan Ghitis Association against melanoma skin cancer. We are his family, his friends, and professionals committed to the fight against melanoma cancer. This loss is the source of our energy to help others in the same fight.


Our communication campaigns stress the importance of prevention. Get screened every year and wear sunscreen everyday ! Skin cancer is largely preventable, and if caught early, it’s usually curable.”


Through research and innovation, we want to get closer to a cure. Our scientific committee helps us pick the projects that will have the biggest impact.”


By allocating specific donations and implementing creative ideas, we want to care for patients and their families, making their lives easier in any way we can. “

Through communication campaigns, we want to stress the importance of prevention. Through research and innovation, we want to get closer to a cure. And through specific donations and creative ideas, we want to care for patients and their families, making their lives easier in any way we can.

We have a big focus on melanoma, but we will also fund projects to fight against cancer in general. In our first 2 years of existence, we have already been able to raise enough to fund 4 projects, with a special highlight in research. We are advised by our scientific committee to choose which projects to fund, to have the biggest impact. 

We are open to any type of project that could match the above description of our goal. Being a small and serious organization, we are able to make disruptive decisions and support original projects if we feel they can have an impact. We are based in the EU as well as in the US to have a wider reach. We have two separate legal entities in order to facilitate donations around the world for our organization.

“Alan was born in Barcelona and grew up a little bit all over the world, which explains his gift for languages and his endless love for traveling and discovering new places. A keen skier, he graduated in Business Management from King’s College in London and started his career in finance.

Alan was incredibly gifted and hardworking and had an outstanding career. All his colleagues loved working with him and enjoyed his fun nature and irresistible charm. In fact, everyone who met Alan loved being around him. He was always referred to as one of the most loving, caring, wholehearted, and sincere persons they had ever met. He brought so much joy and happiness to all who knew him. He also made us all laugh so much, as he was incredibly funny and witty.

Even after being diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer Alan kept his spirits high and never gave up, but unfortunately, he lost this unfair battle. That is why we created this association in his name so that his spirit will continue to spread hope, fight this terrible illness, and support people less privileged than him.

We know Alan would be so proud of what we are trying to achieve in his name today.”

Sarah Ghitis

The founders

Billy Ghitis

Chairman (US entity)

Urbano Clerici

President (EU entity)

Sarah Ghitis

(EU entity)

Niky Levi

(EU entity)

Francesco Recrosio

(EU entity)

Anda Andrei

(US entity)

Andrea Goren

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The Team

Amandine Kirion


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Damian Schober

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Camila Raznovich

TV host & influencer, Italy

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Business Developer, Germany

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Entrepreneur, Italy